Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) Research Laboratory 

Computer Aided Process Engineering, CAPE, as an expertise has been providing high tech services to the process industry through carrying out effective research projects world wide. The process industry owes much of its recent developments to the many experts working in this area. مشاهده بیشتر

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To join the many research laboratories active in the field world wide and provide services eagerly needed to the local process industry the CAPE research lab was set up at the chemical engineering department, IUST over a decade ago.

Due to the dedication of its 50+ researchers and the many post graduate students active in it to high quality services, the positive approach by the local process industry, as well as the support and management of IUST administration we have grown from strength to strength and in doing so manage to; 
Present over 220 research proposals to the local industry
Win over 60 research contracts
Present over 150 papers in national and international conferences
Publish over 50 papers in national and international journals
Compile over 60 postgraduate thesis and dissertations
Hold over 170000 man hours of workshop training
And develop 16 software for the process industry.

The further development and growth of CAPE has never been as promising as today with much prospect for entering into new projects and to do so employ new talented and high caliber researchers.

To access the official website of the Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) Reserch Laboratory please click here.

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